The ‘Kanna Mall’ was inaugurated by Vice-President (VP) Vincent Meriton and an elder T.M.K.R Kannusamy Kamala Pillay, assisted by the chairman of Pillay R Group  Ramu Pillay, in a small ceremony

The building opposite the ex-Seychelles Trading Company (STC) supermarket comprises 20 shops, 18 of which are already occupied.

It took around three years to complete the building, and it was a few months ago that the Kanna Mall was opened for business.

Present at the opening were the Minister for Health Jean-Paul Adam, the Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Pillay, former Minister Alain St Ange, the Indian high commissioner Dr Ausaf Sayeed, among other guests.

Speaking to the media after inaugurating the building, the chairman of Pillay R Group stated that the building will allow more opportunity for people to do business.

“The Kanna Mall consists of 20 shops, and already 18 are occupied. We want to bring more variety in Victoria, and this building will provide more opportunity. Today Pillay R Group has brought branded shops in Seychelles, so we took such opportunity offered in Seychelles to provide top quality services to the community,” he said.

VP Meriton added that Mr Pillay has proven himself to be a self-made businessman in Seychelles.

“He took every opportunity to create his own empire. But the government needs to do more to allow more Seychellois people to venture into their own businesses and make our economy prosper,” he said.

The mall comprises shops such as I.T shops, hairdresser and healthy lifestyle shop among others.

Pillay R Group regroups 30 different companies in sectors ranging from business to hospitality. The group employs over 350 people and has reputed businesses in Seychelles.

Pillay R Group opens new mall | 04 September 2017

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