This puts everyone in the loop with proper visibility of the various stages in production and distribution. With the hike in fuel prices, the cost of transporting goods increases substantially. The logistics industry is greatly impacted by the challenge of maintaining low shipping costs for delivering products to customers.

Logistics software solutions

3PL software allows these fulfillment operations to complete orders, manage their warehouses, coordinate their shipping, track what is in their inventory, and establish billing. 3PL software and logistics management software are almost identical in functionality, but 3PL software will provide more of a focus for third-party logistics operations. Not only does cloud software give access to your employees from any location, but it also provides a more affordable way of paying for the software.

Technology stack for logistics software development

Cloud computing is gaining momentum unveiling a whole new way of processing data. Tech innovations have influenced the supply chain and logistics operations. Increased supply chain and logistics solutions adoption will shift from the on-premise model to the SaaS model. Forecast accuracy and automation help get a proper inventory stock overview and meet perpetual demand fluctuations. To fulfill growing delivery volumes and maintain customer satisfaction, logistic software with a digitized system helps to orchestrate these operations effectively and flawlessly.

To simplify supply chain management processes and minimize operational burdens. Whatever your app or platform idea, Intelvision is here to bring it to life. Our transportation app software development company serves global companies of all sizes — from startups to enterprises — on their way to digitalization. We build automated TMS and WMS portals on the web and mobile platforms that streamline, optimize, and modernize your freight processes. Extend the user experience of your ecosystem to vehicles with automotive software solutions for key auto platforms. Provide drivers and passengers with new ways to stay connected while on the road with built-in connectivity suites or tethering and app mirroring.

Logistics software solutions

We strive to promote technological innovations that make your company more competitive and your brand more recognizable. We never stop inspiring our teams to boost productivity and achieve increasingly excellent results. We care about our customers and helping them choose the best development approaches and implementing best practices.

What is Transportation and Logistics Software?

Scroll down for more about our development services, tech expertise, and successful cases. Dedicated Software Development Team At Intelvision, we offer an outsourced dedicated development team to drive your business growth. EDI Data Integration Our team performed secure data transmission adapted to the particulars of EDI communication protocols to reduce turnaround times and unlock real-time data exchange between two organizations. Achieve clear-cut transparency in your operations and keep track of your fleet, infrastructure, and TMS platforms with 5G and IoT. CleverDev Software is a mature software development partner, with a focus on best-grade quality, supreme security, and compliance excellence. We go over your software with a fine-tooth comb to make sure it provides an impeccable user experience, stable performance, and best-in-class quality.

CRM Increase your sales using our CRM, which is also a reliable way to improve a company’s customer service practices. Our expert team of Shipping & Logistics Software Developers will engineer custom web-based, on-premise, and hybrid systems to enable reliable EDI software communications that conform to prominent standards. Our developers have extensive experience with developing all types of EDI methodologies, including Direct EDI/Point-to-Point, EDI via VAN, Web EDI, Mobile EDI, EDI via AS2, and EDI Outsourcing. We enable GIS map layer solutions for vector data, points of interest, and map tiles by implementing Google Maps. We develop advanced geographic features that provide detailed and optimized map navigation on live road conditions.

When a customer initiates a return, your operations team can track shipping. When the item arrives, a barcode scan updates the item within the software and updates your Shopify inventory. OptimoRouteis route optimization software that calculates the most efficient routes for all of your deliveries, up to five weeks at a time. Our clients have reduced their route planning time byas much as 90% after switching from manual planning. We’ve appreciated the level of ELEKS’ expertise, responsiveness and attention to details. Fintech, healthcare, ecommerce, education, accounting, and logistics.

Some software solution like Upper have an excellent API integration that enables you to connect your other inventory and warehouse management systems. The right logistics management software for you will depend on your specific needs. For example, if you’re looking for a robust inventory management system, Oracle Netsuite is a great choice. Similarly, if you are looking to perform last-mile deliveries hassle-free, and automate route planning and optimization software, Upper is your best bet. With this logistics ERP system companies dealing with supply chain solutions can easily manage everything without much efforts.

Rise to industry challenges, and accommodate any peaks and troughs in demand, leveraging digital technologies as key enablers. We offer logistics software development services that allow logistics companies to optimise their operations for efficiency, safety, and resilience using the capabilities of RPA, blockchain, IoT, Data Science and Cloud. We deliver next-level logistics software that refines your workflows, decreases costs, and serves your innovation needs. From warehouse management to personalized customer interactions, our solutions digitize you out of inefficiency and simplify your daily processes. We have considerable expertise in developing fully-functional logistics management software with route optimization, real-time fleet management, and advanced booking features. It gives a comprehensive outlook on logistics operations by making processes more transparent and collaborative.

Supply chain disruptions

Descartes Systems Group in Ontario offers their suite of Transportation Management applications. We’ll build you a free, personailzed list of software that fits your needs in just one, short phone call.

  • To push up efficiency and productivity most companies implement a Logistics ERP software solution to effectively streamline operations, to strengthen cooperation and engagement between all stakeholders.
  • With customer requirements continuously changing, having flexible order management features allows you to be agile and fulfill the needs of diverse customers.
  • The logistics and supply chain industry are prone to face several issues affecting delivery and delays.
  • You’ll need more than the ability to handle a multi-client situation, so make sure that isn’t all you are getting.
  • Extend the user experience of your ecosystem to vehicles with automotive software solutions for key auto platforms.
  • By using new technology Linbis logistics software helps businesses manage their logistics operation.
  • They provide a more personalized approach to the logistics issues faced by your business.

ClearDestination offers Retailers an innovative yet adoptable delivery logistics platform. But with so many different products out there serving every niche from dispatch and delivery to full-enterprise logistics suites, selecting the right logistics system can present a challenge. We are a small team of IT developers and consultants with a mixed expertise in IT and in Logistics. Our professionals cumulate years of experience in various projects in Canada and in the world. Our software for Freight Networks has been primerely designed to work from mobiles.

Logistics Management Software- Meaning, Benefits, and Top Features

For our clients from eCommerce industry we built custom order management solutions, and automatic delivery price calculation. Returnlyis a smart returns platform that fully automates the return process for direct-to-consumer businesses. It processes returns and identifies difficult cases to help businesses focus support where it’s needed. With Returnly, eliminate customer confusion and unwanted returns with smart return windows and returnless refund rules.

These tools enable you to forecast customer demand and future trends that might dictate the industry’s future. As a result, you can avoid purchasing too much stock, thereby reducing storage requirements and costs. End-to-end, real-time supply chain visibility is an essential feature of the best logistics solutions. As a logistics manager, you need immediate access to multiple aspects of the supply chain to overcome bottlenecks and make informed decisions. Pricing for transportation and logistics software is typically offered as a monthly subscription ranging from $10 to $20,0000. Pricing will vary due to factors specific to your business, such as shipping volumes, geographical region covered, and number of warehouses.

Need to integrate your logistics software into the ERP or any other system? Intelvision has high-end experts who will develop a top-notch logistics solution for your business. We check your IT environment before deployment and use rigorous testing to ensure your product is bug-free. When we’ve completed this process, we launch your logistics software on the market.

With the trends shifting logistics management in a progressive direction, the need for software solutions in the field has become indispensable. Businesses, whether focussing on e-commerce or delivering services, can benefit from having logistics management software. However, the real question is finding the right kind of logistics software since the requirements vary for each business. Proper planning, sourcing, production, delivery, and return are required to improve supply chain performance.


The main idea behind the software team extension model is outsourcing tech specialists for any company that will meet all specific requirements. Convert business intelligence you already own into actionable guidelines that benefit your business. We help you unlock data communication between your inventory, freight, supply chain management, and customer-facing systems to help you meet your broader visibility goals. Our transportation software development caters to digital LSPs and takes care of the all-round process of intelligent and data-based software projects.

Successful and thorough digital transformation of your business with Andersen’s Logistics Software Development Services

Opting for a logistics solution is one step to simplifying the entire cycle of logistical and supply chain operations. Effective management of each process, from procurement to delivery, requires a custom logistics management solution that can accommodate each provider’s demands. For instance, an organization lacking an in-house logistics department needs a software management tool to wrap around its existing methodology and improve it. Over the last few decades, innovative logistic robotic companies have worked hard to mesh AI and machine learning, better sensors and response capabilities, warehouse management software, or logistics management software. Recently, warehouse robotics in the supply chain has picked up pace exponentially.

With a comprehensive service portfolio that ranges from mechatronic support, software solutions and preventive maintenance, SSI SCHAEFER supports your logistics on location. In-depth training familiarizes your employees with the SSI SCHAEFER IT landscapes, guaranteeing the stability of your system at all times. We guarantee you the highest availability of all systems, short reaction times, and long term support for your company’s growth. To get products to end users quickly,manage your warehouseto make sure it has the right product, in ready-to-buy condition, in the right place at the right time. It’s a top choice for delivering feature-rich, complex logistics software solutions. Angular will help you achieve lightning speed and high performance of your apps.

Find out what ails your supply chain and focus on resolving those issues with a software solution that scales with your operation. Complexity in a solution isn’t a bad thing in the world of logistics; what matters is how these complex functions strengthen your supply chain. If efficiency is suffering across the entirety of your operation or your clients require specialized shipping methods, an integrated SCM package has your bases covered.

They will offer a transparent breakdown of their services and set up the charges accordingly. So, you will be getting two management software features for the price of one. A recent study shows that 79% of companies with efficient supply chains and logistics management achieve higher revenue growth. Logistics software assists businesses synchronize sophisticated procedures and processes right from the juncture of origination to the final point . A good logistics software deals with coordination information, stock, handling of materials, production units, warehouse functions, transportation and product packaging.

Avoid double data entry by pulling information from quotes to create bookings, pickup orders, warehouse receipts, shipments, and invoices. Set up your own schedule site in minutes and give your customers logistics and transportation software solutions visibility into the best available schedules. The Magaya Digital Freight Portal is a branded and customized web portal that delivers an interactive, immersive, online customer experience.

Adopting digital technologies is still not as rampant a practice as it should be in the logistics industry. Many key decision-makers in companies link the process with the chaotic deployment of complicated technologies. Logistics companies plan to invest 5% of their revenue per year in digitalization. Logistic companies use AR/VR to transport goods, ensuring the delivery of goods is safe, on time, and effective.

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