A lady Filipino worker of the Indian Ocean Island Tuna (IOT), Enriqueta Cabag Catacutan, is the lucky winner of the Cash Plus

Xpress Money WIN BIG bumper price, a promotion whereby a range of cash prizes were up for grabs.

Ms Catacutan received her cheque last week from the managing director of Cash Plus François Rose in the presence of Ramu Pillay, chairman of Pillay R Group companies of which Cash Plus forms part.

The WIN BIG promotion provided an opportunity to win prize money for all those people who use Xpress Money to transfer money instantly to their families, friends and relatives across the globe.

Talking on the WIN BIG promotion procedure, Mr Rose said they had a draw of R1,200 every week and one draw every month for two months for R3,000. Then there was the mega prize of R30,000, which was the prize Ms Catacutan grabbed last week.

Congratulating Ms Catacutan on her win, Mr Rose said: “This point in time the win can be your Christmas present.”

Mr Rose also thanked all Cash Plus customers for their devotion during the whole year and hope they remain with his company for the coming year.

Expressing her thanks, Ms Catacutan thanked Cash Plus for the Win Big promotion prize and described her prize a big win and a big surprise in her life here in Seychelles.

She had words of appreciation for Cash Plus’ good services and said it is a company that can be trusted.

Ms Catacutan is a team leader in the labelling department of IOT.

Cash Plus has more than nine locations spread across Mahé, Praslin and La Digue making it convenient for the public to use Xpress Money.

The company has recently added Madagascar and China to its expanding network.

Currently the service offers account credit facility to beneficiary’s bank account in China and cash pick up from three locations in Madagascar.

Filipino wins Cash Plus WIN BIG promotion bumper price | 23 December 2014

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